My new favorite self tanning product

Hello and Happy Memorial Day! Now that it’s the unofficial start of summer it’s also time for me to begin self tanning. For the past few years I’ve always used Jergens Natural Glow, but decided to try a new product, Isle of Paradise self tanning drops, after seeing so many posts and great reviews. They did not disappoint and I’ve been LOVING them.

Photo May 27, 4 56 06 PM

To tan with the drops all you have to do is mix them with lotion–any lotion you want. This is my favorite part about them because it makes it so convenient. The instructions say you can use up to 12 drops. I’ve been using about 10 drops per body part and mix them with the lotion in my hands before applying.

Photo May 27, 8 01 25 PM

The drops come in fair, medium and dark and even though I’m pretty fair-skinned I went with the dark and it has turned out very natural looking! For some reason my face will tan pretty quickly, taking about two hours for me to notice a difference. The rest of my body takes about a full 24 hours to fully develop the tan.

The problem I had with Jergens in the past was how easily my tan would come off when I would sweat. I also had to apply it every day, which quickly became annoying. With the drops my tan usually lasts about a week before I have to reapply and it has held up through my workouts! To shop the tanning drops click here.


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