How I whitened my teeth at home

There have been several times throughout my life that I have tried to whiten my teeth with products from home, all of which have been with strips. The last time I did it I was in my teens and can distinctly remember my teeth being so sensitive I could hardly eat or drink anything for days. So whenever Smile Brilliant reached out to me to collaborate with their whitening products I really had no clue what to expect and what my experience would be like.

I was pleasantly surprised with their whole whitening process, starting with the first step of making impressions of my teeth for my custom fitted trays. The trays are very similar to a clear retainer and hold the whitening gel while perfectly covering your teeth. I was really drawn to this concept because the strips I have used in the past always slid off. All you have to do is ship out your impressions and Smile Brilliant will mail you back your trays within a couple of days!

Photo Feb 13, 1 15 06 AM


Photo Mar 10, 12 52 31 AM

Smile Brilliant also supplies you with three syringes filled with whitening gel along with three desensitizing gel syringes that are used after whitening. I used almost two of each, which was enough for around 10 whitening sessions that lasted about an hour to an hour-and-a-half each. I was relieved that my biggest fear of extreme tooth sensitivity never occurred and only experienced some gum sensitivity. I just took a few days off from the process and continued when it went away!

Photo Mar 23, 2 11 08 PM (1).jpg


Photo Mar 22, 9 12 59 PM

My teeth weren’t very stained prior to whitening, but now look so much better! The whitening really gave them more of a “pop” and I love seeing the results in my photos. Overall, I’m impressed with how simple the whole process was and how easy Smile Brilliant makes it for their customers. The instructions included in the kit are extremely easy to follow, making it almost impossible to mess anything up!

I would love for you all to have the same experience as me and am so excited that Smile Brilliant has allowed me to host a giveaway for a free kit valued at $149! Just click here to enter. I also have a 15% off discount code “lovinglaceblog15” that you can use on their site,

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