My thoughts on the Apple Watch

Happy Monday! For today’s post I’m going to be sharing all my thoughts on the Apple Watch. I’ve had my Series 3 watch for about a year now so I feel like I’ve had it plenty long enough to share my thoughts with you all.

I initially bought my watch to track my workouts and was a little hesitant at first because it is a little pricy. I could have gotten the earlier versions available but the Series 3 has a cellular model available, which really drew me to it. If you’re not too familiar with Apple Watches, they are paired with your iPhone and allow you to receive all your texts and notifications through it. The non-cellular watches only receive your iPhone’s information when you are within a short distance of your phone. I wanted to be able to go for a run without my phone so I chose to go with the cellular model, which does cost a little bit more than the non-cellular. There’s also now an Apple Watch 4 out so the price of the Apple Watch 3 has already dropped.

Workout tracker 

The Apple Watch has been great for tracking my workouts just as I had hoped! I like being able to keep tabs on the calories I’ve burned along with my heart rate. The workout tracker on the watch has dozens of different types of exercises that you can choose from making it easier to accurately record your workouts. All the data from your workouts is stored in the Health app on your iPhone as well, which is another plus if you ever want to go back and see what you have done in the past and compare.


When I fist got my watch I didn’t even think I would wear it everyday but I soon felt reliant on it. The watch vibrates when texts or calls come through my phone and there is a since of ease knowing I don’t have to have my phone glued to me all the time. Whenever I’m using Apple Maps while driving the directions also show up on my watch turn by turn making it easier to not have to keep glancing at my phone.

The watch also has a pinging capability to find your iPhone, which I use ALL the time. I’m notorious for never knowing where my phone is and I use this feature at least twice a day lol. I also like that I can sync the music from my iPhone on my Apple Watch and can skip or pause songs simultaneously on both devices.

Being able to make calls on my watch has come in handy multiple times. A few days after I got my watch I locked myself out of my apartment with my phone inside -_-. Luckily I was able to call my Mom with my watch to come bring me a spare key. That’s when I knew buying the cellular model was worth every penny lol.

I honestly haven’t had any bad experiences with my watch and highly recommend it to anyone–even if you wouldn’t use it for working out. It really just adds a convenience and is worth the price if you’re considering buying one.

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