How I edit my photos

Hello everyone! In the short time I’ve been running this blog I have drastically changed the way I go about editing my photos. I’m currently pretty satisfied with my process and really like the look all my photos have so I thought breaking down everything I do may help you all out!

About 99 percent of my photos are taken with my Canon 70D DSLR camera. I usually keep the kit lens on it that came with the camera, which is a 18-35mm lens. I do have a 50mm lens as well that I rarely use, but know I should use more since it’s really good for blurring the background in photos (It’s also pretty cheap for a lens if your interested). I really would like to buy a better lens intended for portraits but never want to spend a lot of money on one lol.


My great friend, Carli, or my fiance, Mason, are the ones always behind the lens. Before shooting I’ll change my camera’s settings to burst mode so that it takes hundreds of photos while I continuously pose to make the process faster. I also think this helps get more candid and organic shots.

My camera also has a WiFi feature which I LOVE because it allows me to do all my editing on my phone. When it’s time to sort through all the photos I just connect my phone to my camera through WiFi with the Canon CameraConnect app. Through the app I can look through all the photos and save my favorites to my phone. This is honestly the part of my editing process that takes the longest.

From there I import the photos into the Lightroom Mobile app where I use Jacie Marie Presets. I did have to buy these but they were worth every penny! The mobile preset pack I bought comes with three and I always use the “peachy” one.

As with any presets I still have to tweak the lighting and the colors. I like my photos to be bright with colors that stand out and just applying the preset sometimes doesn’t automatically give me that look. If you’ve never used Lightroom I can promise that using any preset will definitely teach you a lot just by playing around and learning what every feature does.


Sometimes editing through Lightroom will be enough to get a photo where I want it but other times I have to use other apps. Snapseed is my second favorite editing app and is really good for adding the final touches to photos. The two tools I use the most with the app are the healing and selective tools. The healing tool is good for removing anything you don’t want in a photo like lint on clothing or even small pieces of trash. It’s definitely best used for smaller objects and wouldn’t be good for trying to get rid of people in photos–I’d recommend using Photoshop for that.

The selective tool lets you brighten or darken any color in your photo that you want in a particular area. So, for example, if I’m editing a photo of myself wearing  a red beanie and I just want to brighten the hat and not the other reds in the photo, this would be the best way to do it. The feature lets you change brightness and even saturation and works really well!

Another app I’ll also sometimes use is Facetune If I want to brighten my smile some or remove an annoying pimple. I try to stay away from it when I can though to still keep my photos natural.


I know all this may seem like a lot but it really takes no time once you get used to the apps. I hope this helped you all out! Feel free to comment with any questions!




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