Favorite moments of 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! This year has FLOWN by and has included a lot of great memories for me, so for today’s post I wanted to put together my favorites:

May 14 | Getting engaged


I’ve already talked about this day on here some, but it was probably my favorite day of the whole year! Some days it still doesn’t seem real that I get to marry my best friend. Wedding planning has already begun and will be in full force in 2019!

June 30 | Taylor Swift concert


I’m a huge T-Swift fan and have sadly missed out on her past few tours so I knew I had to go this time around. Being able to go to her Reputation Stadium Tour was my second favorite day of the year and was a time I will never forget! (Sorry about the low quality pic on the right!!)

August 21 | Officially starting Loving Lace


This was probably the most vulnerable thing I did this year. Beginning a blog can be a little terrifying at first but I’m so glad I didn’t let my fears stop me from doing it. I love having this creative outlet to share with you all! I also love being able to do it with my great friend, Carli, who is the face behind redeemingbeauty.us/.

September 22-27 | Exploring Colorado


I will never ever forget this trip. I wrote a whole post dedicated to it here so I won’t go through it all again, but I will say I’ll definitely be going back! When it comes to traveling I think we all have places in our minds where we’d like to go and I think it’s important to turn those aspirations into a reality and make it happen. It was the first time Mason and I went on an actual trip by ourselves and while it was a little scary starting out, it left me wanting to travel everywhere! lol

October 10 | Fleetwood Mac concert

Photo Oct 10, 7 03 15 PM

This was such a fun night with my best friends! We bought the cheapest tickets (which weren’t really that cheap) and wound up sitting one row away from the very top, haha! As we waited for the concert to begin we couldn’t stop laughing at how high up we were, but to our surprise, right as the concert was starting an employee at the venue randomly handed us tickets for seats closer to the stage that weren’t being used. After running around the KFC Yum! Center like maniacs trying to find our seats we were finally able to enjoy the amazing show. Even without the upgrade I know we still would’ve had a great time, but it was nice to be able to actually see the band lol!

October 20 | Running my first 5k


This was a goal of mine since I began running this summer. It took awhile for me to get there and once I did I waited a little bit longer to reach a race time I was satisfied with before participating in an actual race. After lots of training it was such a rewarding experience to cross that finish line knowing I was the person who got me there. Unfortunately just a few weeks after the race I hurt my knee and I’ve just recently been able to run a 5k distance again on a treadmill. I’m slowly getting back in the game and I for sure want to do more races in 2019!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2018! Here’s to another great year! 

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