Why we decided on a long engagement

Happy Monday you all! Many of you are probably aware that I am engaged to a bearded cutie named Mason. Our engagement was a little unconventional in that I actually picked out my ring and knew he was going to pop the big question, just not exactly when. We had discussed eventually becoming engaged a few times and when Mason told me he wanted to begin looking for a ring we dove a little deeper into the topic. Together we both agreed that once it was official we wanted to wait at least a few years. He asked me earlier this year on May 14 and I immediately had the year 2020 stick out in my mind for a good time frame and he was on board. (Just want to point out that about two and a half years may not seem like a “long engagement” to some but I feel like a year is the typical length for many.)

May 14, 2018

We chose to not rush into wedding preparation and instead enjoy this season of life of being a bride and groom-to-be. Weddings are SO stressful–not to mention expensive– so we also wanted to give ourselves time to plan everything out how we want and to not feel that we were tied to a tight time constraint. I’m so glad we did this because what little wedding planning we’ve done (mostly I’ve lol) has opened our eyes to how difficult planning such a big event can truly be. There’s so many little details that come into play and while I have a pretty good vision for what I want and a thorough Pinterest board dedicated to the occasion, making my vision come to life has still presented hardships (the thought of eloping has popped in my head a few times already lol). But we have the time to work out the kinks which I’m very thankful for!

Photos by Christy Morgan Photography 

I also want to say that if you’re hoping to have a long engagement with your partner like us I will warn you that it is sometimes hard for others to understand. When you become engaged the only question people are asking besides what the ring looks like is when the big day will be. This has to be difficult for even those that want to get married pretty soon because who knows the exact date just days after being engaged? haha Probably very few. I can tell there is sometimes confusion when I explain to others that we are waiting until 2020–well, fall of 2020 (at least I have the time of year picked out!). But at the end of the day what really matters is what you and your partner truly want because it is your relationship!

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