Let’s give thanks year-round

November is notoriously known for the month of being thankful. It makes many of us reflect on what we are appreciative of in our lives and I even believe it makes many more open to sharing these thoughts with others. But as we dive into this predetermined time of thankfulness I can’t help but step back and wonder why these feelings should be contained into a 30-day time period.

Maybe we forget in our day-to-day lives–I know I do sometimes. It’s easy to take things for granted such as being healthy, having food to eat or even having your own shower with clean running water. Lately I’ve been trying to remind myself to take moments and be thankful for these simple amenities along with my relationships between family and friends.

I think this is especially important when I become aggravated or upset with the tiniest inconveniences. Maybe I’m stuck in traffic, but at least I have a car. Or maybe I’m at the gym and someone is using the machine I want and seems to be taking forever, but at least I’m capable of working out. This simple change in our thought process has the power to completely change our mindset about these situations and can make us realize how blessed we actually are.

So yes, this may be the month of thankfulness but I think we should make an effort to pursue a daily dose of thankfulness instead beyond November. After awhile it will become second nature and this month, including Thanksgiving, will just be the cherry on top. I challenge myself and you to try and make this happen. Have a great week everyone!

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