DIY Halloween costumes

Hi everyone! Since Halloween is quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to put together some simple DIY costumes that I found on Pinterest. Halloween costumes can cost as much as over $100 and sometimes you just need something last minute that can easily be put together. There were of course SO many ideas on Pinterest but here are the ones I think any of you could easily recreate using your own closet and a little bit of craft supplies:

Popcorn (via

Side note: Something to remember when recreating these is that they don’t have to be exact—that’s the fun in creating your own look! Just as an example, the striped dress shown in this popcorn costume could easily be made with a solid red or white dress (or even skirt) and red or white duct tape to create the stripes. Just use what works for you and be creative!

snow white

Snow White (via


Bat (via


Rosie the Riveter (Photo by @caitlin.newman)


Mary Poppins (via


Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit (via


Ice cream (via

I hope you all found some inspiration from these looks! I can’t wait to show you what my own costume is. Have a great week!

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