Colorado trip recap

As many of you may know I took a trip to Colorado last week. My fiancé, Mason, and I have wanted to explore the state for years and at the beginning of this year I decided it was going to happen and began planning everything out. Our visit was amazing and I honestly didn’t want to leave. We put a ton of miles on our rental car trying to see as many sights as possible, staying in a different town each night.

We flew into Denver on Saturday around noon and decided to take it easy. We visited the Denver Botanic Gardens and had a relaxing time just strolling through the grounds. It was so interesting to see the thousands of plants and we were even able to get a peek at a few fancy weddings being hosted across the gardens. Photo Sep 22, 5 48 51 PM


On Sunday we headed to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods. The ginormous red rocks were incredible to see firsthand. We hiked up a few and discovered some great views.Photo Sep 22, 10 58 13 PM

Photo Sep 22, 11 52 00 PM

Photo Sep 22, 11 02 48 PMMonday it was off to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Mosca. I never even knew there were sand dunes in Colorado before researching places to visit and they did not disappoint! The dunes went on for miles and we chose a few of the smaller ones to trek up. I even brought along a dress to change into to snap a few photos in (not an easy task with the constant wind).

Photo Sep 24, 3 32 06 PM

Photo Sep 24, 8 24 38 PMPhoto Sep 24, 12 19 40 AMLater we checked into our AirBnb cabin–my favorite place we stayed the whole trip. The views were incredible and I was in awe that those around us are able to wakeup to the sights everyday.Photo Sep 24, 3 20 23 AMTuesday we drove to Aspen to see Maroon Bells. This place is supposed to be the most photographed sight in Colorado and I have no questions as to why that is. The picturesque view was breathtaking and didn’t even feel real. I could have stayed there all day and had been perfectly fine. I was looking forward to this place the most and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I’ve never seen as much yellow foliage as what there was in Aspen.Photo Sep 25, 3 24 41 AMPhoto Sep 25, 3 29 20 AMPhoto Sep 25, 2 35 51 AMPhoto Sep 25, 2 58 44 AMFor our last full day on Wednesday we drove though Rocky Mountain National Park, making stops for photos and to see some elk. We also took a shuttle to Bear Lake that had a great view of the mountains. Photo Sep 27, 7 53 49 PMPhoto Sep 26, 12 20 17 AMPhoto Sep 26, 12 11 51 AM.jpg

After months of looking forward to this trip I can’t believe it’s already over! I know it won’t be our last visit though. Until next time, Colorado!

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